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Welcome !


The Fellowship of Healers


Last Update :  January 31st.,  2014.

The official web site for the Fellowship of Healers organisation - tells you about membership of the organisation, about healing, about insurance, about the courses for development & training of a healer, and other things you want to know. Click on any link on list (left) to go direct to any specialised area of information, including latest news items.

Next Event

                       ***               SEMINAR 2014           ***

at the Lindum Hotel, St Annes-on-Sea,
starting after lunch on the Friday, 7th,  all day Saturday the 8th, and finishing late after lunch-ish on Sunday, 9th March.
The exciting and informative final programme is in preparation and be available shortly.


For a printable copy of any information given here, please ring 01625 574459 and ask for the pdf version to be sent by email, or send email address with request to fohpres@talktalk.net.  If you haven't got an email address,  or prefer hard copy, please give postal address for booking form to be sent to you.  Thank You.

New - Venues Section
See the additional section, with illustrations, added to this version of Healeasy.  Pictures of the current Venues for Healing, and also the Day Events, and the coming Seminar in March 2014, as well as an alternative and  previous seminar venue that we have used near Scarborough.
Located in 'Centres'.


Healer Training & Development Days:  

   The Healer Training Sessions are open to everyone who wishes to make a difference to others' lives by a process of natural healing.   Each session has a theme, but you do not need to follow a progressions of lessons.  Discussion is encouraged, and sharing  knowledge and information.


A course of training sessions and development to be a healer is being held at Padgate Community Centre, Warrington, and the dates for 2014, so far booked, are . . .  SUNDAYS,

January 26th.,   February 23rd.,    March 23rd.,     April 27th., etc.  From 12 noon until approx 4pm.
bring your own lunch, and the day costs only £15, all binders, information sheets, etc, provided.
tea and coffee (and biscuits, if you are lucky !) available all day - free !

Padgate Community Centre is at the end of the large car park next to the Station car park at Padgate.

Plenty of free parking space.


One Day Seminars are held throughout the year 

Next One Day Event is to Be Announced
For further information please watch this space.
!!!    For details of the Weekend Seminar, please see above    !!!


Diclosure and Barring Scheme; Children and Vulnerable Adults
Important Information - All Healers Please read this:
The V&B Scheme where healers and other workers with children and vulnerable adults has now been overhauled.  While there are still requirements to be met regarding responsibility towards children and vulnerable adults from workers and employers alike, the whole scheme has been revamped to a much lower-key system, called Disclosure and Barring, etc.  The new rulings will relieve some 9.3 million people from the necessity of having to register with a too-bureacratic system.  There will be changes to the current system of CRB checks, which is being worked out at the present time, and as I understand it, the V&B and CRB will be a combined process eventually.  The legislation for the re-vamped V&B schemes wil now come into force in 2012.  You can get further information from the following link (just click on it) :   http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/media-centre/news/criminal-record-checks

2011 to 2013 'Monday Madness' Newsletters:   These particular Newsletters have been discontinued, and also the Monday Sessions.    The newsletters that were sent out periodically to the 'Spiritual Development and Awareness' Monday Group at Padgate, will be available  soon, re-issued through this website.  They contain all sorts of snippets of interest to seekers after the truth.      If you require one sent by e-mail, and it can be requested by anyone who has an interest in such matters as Spirituality, Healing, etc.. then  send a request to be put on the list , and ask by e-mail (so we know who to send it to !) to fohpres@talktalk.net  It is free!

There is another Newsletter that will also be available through this website, called (humourously) 'The Chronicles of the Order of the Spyglass', and the content will be of a similar nature.  Again, you may request a free copy to be sent to you by e-mail, as above.

Various Contact Details:  Please see 'ContactUs'.



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