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    Mission Statement of Intent; Community Healing Project.

   If you would like to read this Statement please click here

 Healing Centres

The Woodley Healing Centre (see pictures below, in 'venues' section).

A Healing Centre is open at Woodley Civic Hall, Nr Stockport, Cheshire, originally as part of the Fellowship 2002-3 Lottery-award-winning Community Healing Project, now ongoing as a very popular and busy centre.

Healing is available on a Tuesday Evening; doors open from 7pm to 9.00pm.  There is no fixed charge, but contributions and gifts are accepted to allow the work to continue. We suggest a contribution of only £2 - £3 per patient, if the patient can afford it, per session. People who cannot afford a simple contribution shall be healed free. 
If you require healing be early as it may get busy later.

A busy waiting room is in use where Tea, Coffee, biscuits and laughter are available free. Book in at the reception desk immediately on arrival. In the healing room there are six healing beds in operation, soft, relaxing music, dimmed ambient lighting, and many accomplished healers on hand.

Woodley Centre is on the Hyde Road out of Stockport, 100 yards on the left after the Woodley traffic lights, travelling in the Hyde direction. If you need a SatNav postcode it is SK6 1QG.   Plenty of free car parking at rear of building, either in the Centre Car Park itself, or across the road in the retail area car park.

During the Lottery Grant year 2002-3, over 1,000 people benefitted from healing at this centre.   We have increased the healing beds from three to six, due to demand, and the number of patients is considerably more for the current years. We also have a 'relaxer healing chair' (The Prior Chair) for patients, who for reasons of disability, age or medical condition cannot access a healing bed. However, you must book this in advance. This relaxer chair is also used for the Reflexology Sessions, and again, these must be booked wel in advance (see below).

Currently every  week, there are some vacancies for an introductory Reflexology treatment. You MUST book in advance for these sessions, and there is a standard, very reasonable, contribution suggestion of £5.

The Warrington Healing Centres. (see picture here)

 A corner of the quiet, comfortable healing room at Padgate, Warrington.
Soft lighting, calming, quiet music, peace and tranquility.



On a Thursday afternoon, from 1 to 3 pm., healing is available at Padgate Community Centre, near the station. Contributions only. Free tea, coffee and biscuits (and sometimes delicious home-baked cake!) for patients. Healing Leader is Peter. On arrival, please book in with Elaine.

The Padgate, Warington Centre is a development from the 2002-3 Lottery-funded Community Healing Programme, now ongoing.  The centre is busy and we  have a separate waiting room where patients can sit and have a cup of tea  and biscuits whilst waiting their turn for healing.  In the healing room there are at least four healing beds in operation.  A very dedicated and professional group of healers are in attendance, and facilities exist for an after-healing chat, if you prefer. 
Since the opening of the centre several thousand people have benefitted from natural healing therapy.


The Padgate Community Centre is situated in a large car park area close to the Health Centre (at the entrance) and Scout and Guide Headquarters (at the bottom of the car park).  This car park is next door to the Station area, not part of it. Easy to find and plenty of free parking. Come early. Please use the main entrance door, which is on the right side of the building as you approach it.

The Padgate Healing Centre, again at the Padgate Community Centre, is also open on a Wednesday Evening. Doors open  from 7pm to 9pm.  On entering, the reception is in the foyer area, and book in at the desk; Centre Managers is Mags.
There are four or five healing beds in use every Wednesday Evening, with a cheerful ambience conducive to a relaxing, calming healing therapy.  Soft, appropriate, relaxing music is played, and the lighting is dimmed, conducive to inducing a state of serenity.
Reflexology is generally available also (suggested contribution is £5) - please BOOK IN SPECIALLY for these sessions in advance, with Mags.
Free tea, coffee and biscuits available to all patients. 
The Healing Leader is Gordon, the President of The Fellowship of Healers, working with Mags and a dedicated and professional group of healers, bringing the benefits of Natural Healing to the Community. 
As with the other centres, we exist on donations and contributions only (suggested minimum is £2 - £3  per person, per session). 
Pay us a visit.



Distance Healing.
The Fellowship of Healers keeps a list, periodically updated, of all people who require distance healing. This list is available to all members of the Fellowship for their own distance healing contribution, and is at the Healing Centres. An invitation is extended to all to add names of people who they know will benefit from distance healing. This is a completely free service.

Useful Links.
Below are links to other web sites that may be of interest to you, as a healer.

Please Note: We cannot accept any responsiblity for the views, opinions or information contained in the Links web sites, but we take care to only include genuine sites of interest to healers.  Some web sites, for various reasons, may cease to function, and we accept no responsibility for non-functioning links.


The official site for the Healer Practitioner Association International - for the voluntary spiritual healer.  The HPAI favours a two-tier system of healer training and development.

The website of the non-religious, nonprofit-making, multi denominational organisation of spiritual healers, The Lancashire and District Healing Association. Like the FoH, the LDHA is affiliated to the Healer Practitioner Association International, and is part of that organisation.


The Lynwood Fellowship, founded by Don Galloway, is an organisation devoted to Spiritual and metaphysical research. They hold around three or four major residential seminars a year, introducing important speakers on the subject with highly educational workshops, usually based at Cober Hill, Nr. Scarborough (usually four to five days) or the Lindum Hotel at St Annes (weekend).
A quarterly newsletter is available for a small annual fee. See web for dates of seminars and details of cost, etc.



The various venues used by the Fellowship of Healers for their Healing Centres and events, such as the very popular and unmissable annual Seminar, and other One Day Events.
Also listed are some of the knowledgable, skilled and authoratitive Speakers that appear at the very popular, affordable weekend Seminars.


  Cober Hill, Cloughton, near Scarborough, Yorks.
The very comfortable, period Cober Hill Hotel and the modern, well-equiped, residential Conference Centre (behind the pictured building) in the pleasant village of Cloughton, 6 miles North from Scarborough, on the Whitby road.

Cober Hill was formerly used by the founder of Rowntrees of York, and was for a while, the home of Joseph Rowntree.   

There are very extensive gardens, and pleasant walks, as well as the sea views nearby.



The LINDUM HOTEL,  The Promenade, St Annes on Sea, Fylde Coast
A very comfortable, award-winning hotel, facing the sea, well known for its excellent food and wine, happy atmosphere and superb , family-run efficiency and willingness to please.

It is the preferred venue for the Annual Seminar, and indeed hosts several other, spiritual and healing seminars during the year.




Speakers at the Seminars

Left to right are:  Andy Thomas (author; highly-acclaimed 'The Truth Agenda', & other books, crop formation expert,TV , etc), Helen Sewell (Mrs Andy Thomas, highly skilled Astrologer, TV, etc), Medium Brian Lynch (Belfast), Darren Deojee (speech, sound and free thinker), Well-known Medium Donna Stewart (teacher, TV, etc), Irene Hartley (Teacher, Healer, etc), Julie Miller (Medium, teacher, etc), Kelsang Wangchuck (Buddhist Teacher), Joe Wilcock (Medium, teacher, astrologer, Lynwood Fellowship, etc), Professor Ram Gokal (Spiritual teacher, Vedic expert), Natasha Hewitt (Teacher, spiritual advisor, group leader), Shonagh Moore (medium, crystal bowls, spiritual art, Lynwood Fellowship, etc), Alan Stuttle (professional artist, teacher, etc), Jan Elliot (Medium, numerology expert, etc) . . . .  and many others.




Views showing the Woodley Civic Hall, Entrance, Healing room (looking East), Healing Room (looking West).




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