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Governing Instrument of The Fellowship of Healers.

The Healing Organisation shall be called 'The Fellowship of Healers', (hereafter called 'the Fellowship') and be non-sectarian, non-denominational and non-party political.

The object of The Fellowship of Healers shall be the provision, or assistance in the provision of facilities for the training and development of Healers, in the discipline known as Spiritual Healing.
Healer members may utilise the Fellowship as a common point of contact and communication, creating continuity of intention.
The aims of the Fellowship shall be to promote safe, sound and reliable healing practice, and encourage integrity in the administration of spiritual healing.
Furthermore the Fellowship undertakes to provide continuing educational development, and is open to all spiritual healers with or without physical disabilities resident in England, Wales and Scotland.
The Fellowship will develop and administer healing centres as a charitable facility in the community.

In furtherance of the above object, but not further or otherwise, the Fellowship shall have the power to raise funds to support the objects of the Fellowship and to do any lawful things that may be conducive to the attainment of the foregoing object.


The Fellowship shall be open to people with or without physical disabilities between the ages of  18 to no upper limit. An equal opportunities policy shall be observed at all times, and all members must agree to adopt the Code of Conduct, and be aware of public safety always. Membership of the Fellowship is open to all healers for an annual fee of £30. per year, which includes basic insurance. Applicants who are listed on relevant databases as being the subject of disciplinary investigation, insurance refusal or having any history of perpetrating abuse in any form shall be excluded.

Officers and Executive Team.

A). The Fellowship shall be under the Presidency of the founder, and shall have an executive team that will administer secretarial and financial work within the Fellowship. Further posts within the Fellowship will be developed as the need arises, but will by necessity include a fund-raising manager and healing centre manager(s), or in the case of further healing centres being opened, a manager will be appointed for each.

B). The Executive Team will consist of the officers, who will be Fellowship members, elected by agreement of the Executive Team. In addition all officers of the Fellowship shall be approved healers, fully accredited.

The Fellowship may organise branches of the Fellowship in other areas, and appoint branch organisers to undertake the work of the Fellowship, adhering to the constitution and observing all relevant agreed procedures.


A). The Treasurer shall keep records of all financial transactions and present a report to each Team meeting.
B). The accounts may be open to inspection by any member of the Executive Team.
C). Members shall pay subscriptions and other charges as agreed by the Executive Team or by other agreed procedure.

A). As an independent body the Fellowship shall preserve affiliation to the HPAI  (The Healer Practitioner Association International (Registered Charity No. 507420))
B). The Fellowship  will adopt the standards of Training & Development, the Code of Conduct, Disciplinary Procedures and Assessment procedures, etc., as established by U.K.Healers, together with that prescribed by, and not conflicting with,  the HPAI.

A meeting of the Executive Team or of the Fellowship membership may be called by the President. Officers may apply for meeting to be called in necessary circumstances.

If the work of the Fellowship can no longer be carried out, it may be wound up. The Executive Team may decide upon the allocation of any remaining funds.

Alterations to the Constitution.
The Constitution shall only be altered by the Executive Team and the President. All officers of the Fellowship shall receive notification at least seven days in advance of any proposed changes.


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