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The Fellowship of Healers.

Healers who Care, working with One Mind and One Voice to spread Healing, Love and Understanding in Today's World.


"The only hope for the World today is Love and Truth"


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Primarily a non profit-making organisation, the Fellowship seeks to promote safe, sound, reliable and sensible healing practice - authentic healing at its best, together with a consideration of the interests of the healers themselves, and the safety and interests of the client. The Fellowship of Healers Community Healing Programme was a 2002-3 Lottery Award-winning venture, run by volunteers for the benefit of all who request the healing therapy. . . at minimal cost. We operate a 'gifts and contributions only' service.


We realise that a healer cannot be trained, but we encourage, inspire and allow people who have the genuine compassion, love and desire to help others in a healing capacity, to fully develop their potential abilities with a solid background of education and support.  Various courses are available to suit all situations.


Appreciating the help and advice received from other organisations, and recognising the similarities and differences, we are anxious to work alongside of them towards a common goal of healing.


For information about joining the Fellowship of Healers, please see 'Membership'.