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Healer Training & Development Courses.

 Healer Training & Development Days:  

Healing is a natural, non-intrusive system of energy healing that is based upon the natural and free energies of Love, Compassion, Integrity and Co-operation.  It explores the natural healing qualities of stress relief, calmness, understanding and  serenity. 
The Healer Training Sessions are open to everyone who wishes to make a difference to others' lives by learning about the process of natural healing, and how to achieve it.   Each session has a theme, but you do not need to follow a set progressions of lessons, once the basic requirments are met; you may take them in any order.  Discussion is encouraged, and the sharing  of knowledge and information.

Currently there are no courses running at Woodley, Stockport, Cheshire.   
If you would like to attend a Healer Training Course at this Vneue, then please contact me (Gordon) on fohpres@talktalk.net or on 01625 574459.  You will then be notified of the start date of the next course at Woodley.   And yes - there are people waiting now !       Watch this space for start date.



A course of training sessions and development to be a healer is being held at Padgate Community Centre, Warrington, and the  dates for 2014, so far booked, are . . .  on SUNDAYS,

January 26th.,   February 23rd.,    March 23rd.,     April 27th., etc.  From 12 noon until approx 4pm.
bring your own lunch, and the day costs only £15, all binders, information sheets, etc, provided.
Tea and coffee available all day - free !

The information sheets provided at each session (numerous sheets) cover all of the subjects you are required to know, in order to become an Accredited Healer Member of the Fellowship of Healers.  You will also receive many other sheets, additional to the required material.    Each session, you will place them into your purpose-made binder, and eventually they will build up to become your personal, comrehensive, and authoratitive Manual of Training.    The Training days also use other methodology such as multi-media presentations, interactive sessions, discussion groups, peer contact, and practical exercises.

The requirements for Accreditation are that you complete at least 100 hours of training and development.

This does not mean that you will be slavishly required to attend 100 hours of the Healer Training Sessions, but includes other learning methods as well.  For example, much of the time will be devoted to practical experience, working alongside an experienced and fully accredited healer. 

Padgate Community Centre is at the end of the large car park next to the Station car park at Padgate.

Plenty of free parking space.



Trainee healers on the courses do not initially require insurance, but when practising will require it. If not already insured, a very comprehensive insurance may be obtained through membership of The Fellowship of Healers. Full details of this insurance given at the classes, or see 'Membership' section [click below]. Please note that you will have to be insured to assist at the healing centres for extra experience on the courses.


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