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Latest  Events:   

SEMINAR 2014     

at  the Lindum Hotel, St Annes-on-Sea, from Friday 7th March after lunch, through Saturday 8th all day, and finishing late after lunch on Sunday 9th March 2014.

Another superb FoH Event !

Speakers and Workshops are:

Alan Stuttle         Psychic and Spiritual art , Assisted by Jan Elliot
Julie Miller           Medium and Psychic developer
Phil Medley          Ancient history expert/higher technology/codes
Gordon Bagshaw  Spiritual development            


A really exciting event of development, learning and fun - all for £199 including all accomodation (full board with 3 meals a day), morning and afternoon tea breaks, great food !  sea, sand, relax, full bar facilities, comfortable rooms, and more.

Informative Flier and booking form from 01625 574459 or fohpres@talktalk.net


Groups for  Spirituality, Natural Healing & Self-Awareness.

The 'Monday Madness' Group no longer meets.  However it is intended to re-issue the interesting periodic Newsletters through this site, that have been requested by some members as being of continuing interest.

Another periodic newsletter on matters spiritual and healingwise is isued free, by e-mail only, to interested members and friends. This Newsletter is called The 'Chronicles of the Order of the Spyglass'.   If you would like a copy please send your email address to fohpres@talktalk.net, stating  'Spyglass, please'.

If you would like to attend a daytime group dealing with Healing, Spirituality, Self Development and so on, please contact Gordon on 01625 574459, stating your request.
Attendance at these classes counts towards Healer's CPD requirements.

        FoH Healer Training and Development Groups, 2013.

For any information regarding Healer Training Courses, ring 01625 574459 or look at 'FoH Courses' on this site.

Healer Training & Development with the FoH has run continuously for over 14 years .
A new redesigned programme as an Introduction to Healing - includes the original course material, new material and considerably more practical content.
Understanding energy and how it can be used for personal development and awareness, as well as healing, is an important step in self-realisation.

The Courses are directed towards those people who would like to know how to heal, at the same time finding out about what makes us tick and our core spirituality. The Courses can be taken on its own, without any requirement to continue to become an accredited healer. However, should you wish to continue to study to be able to heal members of the public, then you may seamlessly continue your studies, but it is necessary to make that known to the tutor, as soon as possible.

The days are priced competitively and reasonably. Costs include free information sheets and four-ring binders that build up to form a manual of healing.
All assignments must be completed.  A Healing Log must be completed for all participants.


Padgate, Warrington, Course    Please bring your own Lunch

Requirements: The first four sessions,  minimum. 

This Introductory Course of Healer Training will cost £15 per session.
A certificate will be given for satisfactory attendance, but participants will not be accredited healers, or be able to heal members of the general public, but may heal friends and family.
Participants on the Introductory Course can take other sessions,  leading to full Accreditation status as a Registered Healer, and then be able to heal members of the general public.


Next Day in the Series is coming soon . . . so make sure you don't miss it !

 There is a leaflet available, on request from 01625 574459 , with  dates for 2014 , or see 'Courses' .

An FoH Training and Development Event.

Please read the IMPORTANT INFORMATION on the Home Page regarding the V & B Scheme and the ISA.  ALL Healers must read. New developments expected  late 2012.  Link for latest info (just click on it) is ...http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/media-centre/news/criminal-record-checks

Please note: e-mails and website
e-mail.  The current email address is fohpres@talktalk.net  
website.  Additionally we would like you to note that there are a number of out-of-date web pages that seem to have accumulated from previous servers. Please ignore any web page that is not recent; that is to say, not dated  November  2013 or later.
The date of the last update to www.healeasy.org.uk is given at the top of the 'home' page.

The name & URL of additional site is - the Spiritual Information Domain. www.spinfo.co.uk 
You might ike to visit this site also.  It is involved with matter spiritual, mainly.




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