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Fellowship of Healers info file.


The Fellowship of Healers has evolved from the need for like-minded healers of integrity, professionalism and excellence to have a common point of contact and communication, creating a continuity of intention and a close bond of Fellowship.

This has occurred because students on the former College courses felt the need to continue the dedication and contact after the course had finished - so much so that students had often returned for yet another year. The quality of training and development is of the highest standard and lasts for two years. Originally all students were part of our Association of Developing and Practising Healers.  As a result of demand this organisation developed into the Fellowship, and it is now possible for student members to obtain the necessary Insurance, and be eventually accredited to Approved Healer Status by the Fellowship.

We are well connected; the Fellowship is affiliated to the HPAI (Healer Practitioner Association International - a registered charity, which itself is an aspect of The Christian Spiritualists Association).   The FoH President is former head of The Northern Healers Forum, and now the FoH.  We have formerly been a fully accredited member organisation of U.K. Healers, London, working  towards self-regulation for the UK Healing Movement.

We believe in Encouragement, Guidance, Inspiration and Information.  We have held Development and Training Courses regularly at Colleges, and elsewhere.
Training continues at either Woodley, Stockport, Cheshire, or at Padgate, Warrington.   In addition, we hold Day Events, and Seminars, and have three Healing Centres. We hold Continuing Education events, and have up-to-the-minute information for healers.
We work alongside other healing centres and groups in other parts of the country.

the e-mail address is

or postal address is
Macclesfield Office:
The Fellowship of Healers, 5 Moss Brow, Bollington, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 5HH   Tel: 01625 574459
(we regret that the Stockport office is now closed)


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