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              The FoH Mission Statement of Intent
              Community Healing Project

              Mission Statement.

                       To promote and encourage opportunities where any member of the community
                       may receive complementary healing therapy free of charge, or for a small, affordable  donation.


               Statement of Intent.

                      The FoH is an organisation concerned with the training & advancement of the complementary therapy known as healing.

                      Members of the organisation have a sincere desire to be of service to their fellow beings.  

                                 The FoH Community Healing Project maintains a provision for any member of the community to experience the complementary                healing therapy free of charge.                                                                                                                                          

                             The organisation recognises its commitment to the development, education and training of voluntary healers to a professional level of accomplishment.

                      The organisation recognises its obligation to maintain a strict Code of Conduct and protect the public at all times.

                      Towards this aim the FoH will maintain its  affiliation to, and Member status of a relevant organisation.

                      The organisation is affiliated to The Healer Practitioner Association International for the Voluntary Healer 



All persons involved in the Community Healing Project
are voluntary workers.