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Membership is open to all spiritual healers, of whatever denomination, race or creed, who have the compassion, love and understanding to help others, and a desire to realise their full ability potential. 
We have members all over England, and communicate with healers abroad on a regular basis.  We have never had the need to advertise, as all members come by recommendation or word of mouth.
Remembering that this organisation is primarily a charitable, non-profit making organisation, membership costs are kept to a minimum, and are amongst the most reasonable in the country.

Membership costs £30 per year, and includes 
a non-optional Basic Insurance [see below].

A healer will be an Ordinary Member unless accredited fully, when they will be an Approved Healer Member.

Ideally a healer should have completed one of the Fellowship of Healers Spiritual Healer Training  Development Courses, but we are open to receive other healers who have trained and developed within another recognised UKH, HPAI or similar organisation. Normally an interview may be required.
If you have trained as a healer with the HPAI or any of the member organisations of U. K. Healers, please say so on your application form.

Healers, including trainee healers, seeking membership of the Fellowship of Healers should contact us by e-mail , telephone, or post, requesting a membership pack, giving your name, address and telephone number.  All your details are treated with complete confidentiality, and will not, on any account, be passed to a third party, or used for commercial purposes.



e-mail address is


or postal address is
the FoH Macclesfield Office:
The Fellowship of Healers, 5 Moss Brow, Bollington, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 5HH  

Telephone: 01625 574459



Enquirers for Membership  will receive a membership pack by post to your address, asap.


Explaining the details in the Membership Pack:     A note regarding Insurance:
The Insurance that is included in the Fellowship membership fee is a wide-ranging Basic Spiritual Healing cover that includes such therapies as Energy Healing, Reiki, Indian Head, EFT, etc., Healer Counselling and teaching.  It is called GROUP ONE.   It is very comprehensive - one of the best in the country - and covers you for all your basic requirements. 

However if you wish for a more professional insurance, covering a wider range of therapies, then you may upgrade to the GROUP TWO insurance cover, which allows for a variety of therapies. Please note, however, that  Hopi ear candles are 25% extra, due to the considerably higher risks involved, and requires the increment in premium.  Naturally you will require copies of your certification of competence in each therapy you require insurance for, on the Group Two band, which must be made available at the time of application.  The inclusive cost of membership and upgraded insurance is therefore higher, but you may upgrade at any time from standard cover to Group II Multitherapy, and it is still at very reasonable cost, probably a lot cheaper than most !  

 Insurance is only available once you become a FoH member, and details will be made available once you have joined.  
Some Therapies that involve physical contact  practice are  covered by these insurance rates, & some are not that require strong manipulative action. If you wish to see a list of the therapies covered by our Groups I & II  insurances, please ask for an 'insurance leaflet'. There is also a Personal Accident coverhas now been discontinued.


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