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Race Relations/CaVA/Equal Opportunities

          FoH Race Relations Policy Statement

     FoH Children & Vulnerable Adults  Protection Policy Statement & Good Practice

     The FoH Equal Opportunities Policy Document

                FoH Race Relations Policy Statement.

 In awareness of our duty under Section 71 of the Race Relations Act 1976 that
 is to make arrangements with a view to seeing that their various functions are
 carried out with due regard to the need:

                  a) To eliminate unlawful racial discrimination, and
                  b) To promote equality of opportunity and good relations between 
                       persons of different racial groups.

  and from its general concern in respect of racism and equal opportunities,
The Fellowship of Healers has adopted the following broad aims which it will
seek to achieve by the appropriate deployment of resources available to it:

  a) To act to eliminate racism within the Fellowship. To prevent discrimination
      and achieve equal opportunities within the Fellowship.
  b) To promote and encourage equality of opportunity in the membership 
       of the Fellowship and in the community as a whole.
  c) To foster understanding and harmony between all races, cultures and 
      creeds in the community.
  d) Wherever possible to develop services to meet the needs and specific 
      needs of individuals and groups within the ethnic minority community.
  d) To acknowledge that ethnic minority groups have their own identities and 
       organisations within the community at large.


The Fellowship of Healers' Child and Vulnerable

Adult Protection Policy Statement and Good Practice

The FoH is committed to the practice, which protects children and vulnerable adults from harm.

Healer members in FoH and FoH Community Healing Centres will accept and recognise their responsibilities to develop awareness of the issues which may cause harm to children or vulnerable adults.

We will endeavour to safeguard children and vulnerable adults by:

1. Stating that the welfare of children/vulnerable adults is paramount

2. Adopting child protection/vulnerable adult guidelines through a code of practice for members and volunteer healers.

3. Following carefully the procedures for recruitment and selection of members and volunteer healers

4. Providing effective management for members and volunteer healers through supervision, support and training.

5. Sharing information about child protection and good practice with children /  vulnerable adults, parents/guardians and healers.

6. Sharing information about concems with agencies that need to know, and involving parents/guardians and children/vulnerable adults where appropriate

7. Investigating and responding to all suspicions and allegations of abuse.

The Fellowship of Healers' child/vulnerable adult protection policies and guidelines are there to be acted upon to protect healers and volunteers as well as children and vulnerable adults

The FoH is committed to reviewing its policy and good practice guidelines at regular intervals.

Please also read this information :

In September 2009 the (then) Government introduced a Vetting & Barring Scheme (V&B Scheme) through the Independent Standards Authority (ISA) for anyone who worked with either children or vulnerable adults.  This was the result of a Paliamentary Special Committee resulting from the Ian Huntley case.  However, the current government has suspended this scheme until it more adequately reflects its purpose. The re-vamped scheme has been introduced in 2012, and will probably require anyone working with children or vulnerable adults to be registered with the ISA.  Initially it will affect new workers; people who have worked with children and vulnerable adults for a number of years will be given time to register later.  The new scheme is renamed the Disclosure and Barring Scheme, and details will be found on the site at this address:

The FoH Equal Opportunities Policy Document

Statement of Values

The FoH is committed to opposing all forms of discrimination

The FoH is committed to the active promotion of equal opportunity in the work it undertakes, the provision of its services and in its membership practices.

Statement of Intent

The FoH recognises that specific & positive programmes are needed in some circumstances, as a passive policy will not, itself, provide equality of opportunity.

The FoH intends to introduce measures to alleviate direct and indirect discrimination in its work, services and membership, as part of a planned strategy.

The introduction of special measures to develop ways of combating discrimination within its own practices, directly or indirectly affecting minority groups, is part of the decision-making processes at all levels & the structure of the organisation, and is under constant review.

To do everything the FoH can in developing strategies to meet the needs of those who might be experiencing discrimination.

The FoH provides services, development work, provides information and has a membership. We work to ensure that all aspects of the FoH are in line with this statement; appropriate, relevant and accessible.

To review any aspect of the FoH that might be identified with potential areas of discrimination. To analyse and act on the monitoring information so obtained to bring about change.

To determine any steps required to rectify any inequalities in content or participation by establishing a mechanism.

Responsibility for Implementation

Every working member of the FoH has a responsibility to apply this policy throughout the organisation.

Specific, corporate, strategic and administrative responsibility will lie with the President and the Executive Team.

This policy will form part of the FoH Training Programme.




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